Emotional Matrix Design

Create authentic and inspiring relationships that ignite your heart, your life and

your business. Build organic and mutually focused connections to design the

relationships, career and life of your dreams. Once your emotional connection is ignited, add your credibility and build lasting trust with significant relationships.


Your Connection Matrix awaits.

"Trust... but verify."

~ Ronald Reagan

Emotional Matrix Design

Moments of impact. Creating powerful and lasting emotional connections with people you desire to include in your life, personally and professionally defines your life and the quality of the relationships you engage in everyday. We all possess an emotional nucleus similar to our DNA.


You determine which emotions you want to 'plant' and how you want people to organically connect with you. Random emotional chaos creates unfulfilled relationships and broken hearts as well as businesses that never truly succeed as we intended.

Emotions are not states. Emotions are not feelings. Emotions are not moods. Emotions are a unique process that occurs in every human being and in that emotional moment of impact, connections are made. 

Going within to create your unique, sacred emotional nucleus, building your personal connection matrix based on trust and integrating and aligning those components into your daily life and work...that is the secret to lasting and enduring moments of impact filled with meaning. 

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In your heart..

In your home...

In your office...

In your world...

Build your Connection Matrix one heart at a time, starting with your own.

"Touch people's hearts and you will have the profound capacity to create moments of impact."

~Anne Leedom

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Emotional Matrix 

Design Workshop

Start today. Right now. Not just by signing up, but by asking yourself if you are done with the chaos. If you want to silence the noise and truly create relationships founded on mutual intention, purpose and meaning, then Emotional Matrix Design is for you.

The 'convincing wheel' stops here. Emotional Matrix Design is the future of relationships based on trust and emotional connection rather than the outdated 'benefit' and 'what's in it for me' model. 

The EMD Workshop will provide specific tools to help you convert your desires, wants and needs into a powerful 'Connection Matrix' that empowers your communication. Emotions are the fuel that connects us all. Learn what they are specifically, how to build on your unique connection matrix and enjoy the peace and excitement that comes from authentic and organic communication. 

Personally or professionally. The Matrix will work for you.

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