The revolutionary new emotional communication matrix for creating powerful heart-centered relationships based on trust, loyalty and connection.

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Emotional Matrix Design

Consulting with Anne Leedom

Create your Personal and Unique Emotional Matrix Design


Generate Authentic and Lasting Relationships  

At home, at work and in your personal relationships.

Eliminate the chaos that comes from random emotional communication. Strategic and organic emotional connections build profound trust and loyalty. They catapult you and the people in your life to attain the alliances that create powerful moments of impact. Utilized by global experts and individuals who are committed to building genuine relationships with themselves, with significant others and audiences globally, Emotional Matrix Design is a breakthrough that connects.

Authenticity + Emotional Matrix Design = Connection



Meet Anne

Branding and Emotional Matrix Design Expert

Imagine if you had the power to determine exactly how to emotionally connect with others, personally and professionally. You choose the moment and the purpose. All in a highly authentic and organic way that removes the "convincing wheel' and builds a mutual and lasting relationship based on trust.

This is the power of Emotional Matrix Design.

Life comes down to the moments of impact we create. Powerful connections happen in seconds. They seem random and often, they are. Change the random nature of your emotional connections and you will create your moments of impact to guide and inform your connections and master profound relationships, your career and the life of your dreams.​

Emotional Matrix Design is about understanding what real emotion is about and learning how to then create connections to bond personally and professionally. Build trust and loyalty and you will create connections who will embrace you.

"An emotion is an immediate physiological response to a perceived stimulus. Chemicals are then released throughout our body that last about six seconds.

Emotions continuously regulate every living cell to adapt to emerging threats and opportunities. They provide raw data about the world around us that is essential to our functioning."

~ 6Seconds.org

What I Specialize In

Heartfelt Communication

 at Home with Your Unique  Emotional Life Design Matrix

Spark Inspired 

Connections at Work Through Your Powerful and Personal Emotional Life Design Matrix 

Form Tender and Lasting Bonds One-on-One Using Your Emotional Nucleus 

Create Internal Emotional Moments of Impact to Embrace Personal Growth

The 90-Second Branding Ignition Switch to Capturing the Hearts of Global Audiences Using Emotional Branding Design

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The Journey Towards Emotional Matrix Design Begins with the Path of Understanding Emotions.


Begin Your Journey Today.

"Anne’s Emotional Branding Design consulting has been invaluable in helping me to shape my complex messages. This opened the door to connect me with the audiences I want to reach with a powerful emotional message." 

~ Judith Finlayson, Best-selling Author of You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

“I'm extremely impressed by Anne's expertise in Emotional Matrix Design. Anne is insightful, credible, highly creative and responsive - critical skills in her industry which allow her to best represent her clients!”

~ Lisa Capp, Author, Caregiving Expert and Coach

"I have worked with Anne to improve communication and strengthen my heartfelt connection in my relationship. She has changed my life and given me tools to move into a proudly clear and loving place with Emotional Life Design!"

~ Susan W, Los Angeles

Create Your Moments of Impact

"According to noted neurologist Antonio R. Damasio, joy or sorrow can emerge only after the brain registers physical changes in the body"

~Scientific American


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